Lobste.rs API

A free and easy to use JSON API for lobste.rs.

GET https://www.goblgobl.com/lobsters.json

title: string

Search for a game with the given title. This is a case-insensitive exact match. Use '%' as a wildcard.

domain: string

Domain of the story. Exact match only and must be lowercase.

submitter: string

Name of the submitter. Exact match only and must be lowercase.

tag: string

Tag. Exact match only.

order: string

Sort the results by the given order. Must be one of created, score, flags or comments. Defaults to created.

asc: bool

Sort results in ascending or descending order. Defaults to false.

page: u16

The page number. Default to 1.

limit: u16

The number of records to return per page. Default to 10. Cannot exceed 1000.

include_total: bool

Whether or not to include the total number of matching results. Defaults to false. Getting the total is relatively expensive, so please only set this when necessary. For example, when navigating from page to page, the total will not change.

score_min: i16

Minimum score.

score_max: i16

Maximum score.

comments_min: u16

Minimum number of comments.

comments_max: u16

Maximum number of comments.

flags_min: u16

Minimum number of flags.

flags_max: u16

Maximum number of flags.

created_min: u32

Minimum creation date. Timestamp in seconds.

created_max: u16

Maximum creation date. Timestamp in seconds.